14 February 2014

Cyber initiatives for developing nations

February 12, 2014

With the increase in information and communication technologies and growing opportunities for real-time borderless exchange, the United Nations is planning for trans-national global cooperation in the area of cyber security to ensure safe Internet access for developing and under-developed countries.

Dr. Vivek Lall, a renowned aerospace and cyber expert, will help to meet security challenges across the globe.

Ambassador Francis Lorenzo, Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, in a statement said: “Dr. Lall’s activities will focus on bringing global attention to the importance of Broadband services in developing countries around the world and the cyber security challenges associated with achieving those objectives. His operational involvement will include the introduction of new initiatives as well as providing advisory support to a number of existing Broadband and South-South programmes. This work will not involve the UN General Assembly president John Ashe to implement any policies in these or any other areas.”

South-South cooperation

Ambassador Lorenzo has been advancing the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals through the sharing of best practices in the area of South-South and triangular cooperation.

A recent study states that threats to cyberspace have increased dramatically in the past year afflicting 431 million adult victims globally – or 14 adult victims every second, one million cyber crime victims every day. Cyber crime has now become a business which exceeds a trillion dollars a year in the form of online fraud, identity theft, and lost intellectual property, affecting even the governments of every nation.

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