10 August 2014


(Bosnia and Herzegovina post-mortem)

In the land of gray and endless maimed bodies of people that call themselves humans, one word thinly resounding within the pulse of deserted desires-Strategy! Klaić’s Dictionary[1] of foreign words (edition 1951) describes Strategy as ascience, which explores and develops within the correlate connection, political, economic and especially war elements of preparing and waging the war!

Nineteen years later, with its featureless announces the continuation of daffodils of the better prediction and as such it just poured even more fuel to the fire for those who wants to warm themselves over the ashes of my beloved Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska and Federation of BiH). And why, my dear Professor, we need a new war? Say it, just say it, my never forgotten schoolboy, ringing in my ears the words of an old man with, at the same time an old and remarkable beauty, name, but also the sleeping name – Alter Ego.

Because here there is not even one Strategy for any field of human creation and life and without it we are doomed to slowly die out. Yes, dying out. Earlier (ah, the good old days), we made ​​movies about it making even the “Magpie strategy”[2], and today…

Let me, please, give the possibility to elaborate on the following theme: Education of the local youth. No, I do not want to lament over the already said and written, about the three headed, national mania overloaded Dragon, but I just want to, my dear Professor, in methodological way to outline, that HOW it would be nice if we have the Strategy of the educational process and at the same time not to awake Frankenstein monster created in the Dayton laboratories and to trick it in a very scientific way.

Quoted that word-HOW! Here you go – Let’s start with the Council of Ministers, the ruler above the rulers, and we request that the entity governments (and even those from lower levels) the following:

Information / Poll as the product results from the analysis of all companies and their needs for personnel in the next five years.

Are we asking too much? Yes, from their point of view. Because, then on the light of the son will finally surfaced complete information on the operations of each company and we would not have what we have today: unpaid taxes and not carried out duties towards the state. Not even talk about other things. HOW nice it would be coming out of the school and go directly to work. And not in Bureau of Employment or in order for a visa to a country that uses all the successful mind(s) from this area.

The Strategy of the educational process would do just that:

a) Construction of the country on healthy roots with oriented needs towards the common good,

b) Staying of the indispensable – educated personnel in the region,

c) Assumptions of market oriented economy,

d) The educational process unencumbered with surplus of knowledge and a lack of personnel.

Yes, a new war encapsulated with Strategy. The war of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), is human worthy.

And unquestionably naive as though many years I have been, my dear Professor, I still believe that we have the strength for it.

You’re right, my student: unquestionably naive.
Surely, I have to write down the words.


[1] Adolf Bratoljub Klaić was born on 27.8.1909 in Bizovac (Croatia) and died in Zagreb, 2.3.1983 (Croatia, Yugoslavia) – created one of the most popular Dictionaries of foreign words in former Yugoslavia and current Croatia “DICTIONARY OF FOREIGN WORDS”, 1951.

[2] The movie “The magpie strategy“, directore Zlatko Lavanic; writer of the script Emir Kusturica, 1987 (Sarajevo, Bosni and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia):http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094055/

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