9 January 2015


January 7, 2015 

Were The Perpetrators Of The Terrorist Attack In Paris — Militarily Trained? Firing Pattern Follows ‘Double-Tap’ Technique

That’s the question being raised by TheDailyMailOnline’s Chris Pleasanc, he writes, “the video begins with chilling precision, with which two gunmen shot their way through the streets of Paris today — after launching an attack on the offices of satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. Footage taken from a window ledge above Hebido’s offices shows the callous killers (12 dead), climbing out of their Citroen — before gunning down a policeman with five rapid shots. In extremely graphic scenes, the pair then run up and down the street with their weapons raised before executing the man with a single round to the head.”

“Each blast of the attackers ‘Kalashnikov’ rifles is pronounced, meaning they were likely firing on semi-automatic mode, rather than aimlessly spraying bullets at their targets. The pattern of the fire also follows a ‘double-tap’ technique used by armed forces around the world; and, is designed to inflict maximum casualties — while using minimal ammunition. The maneuver requires the gunman to fire two shots in rapid succession, riding out the recoil between pulls of the trigger, but without necessarily lining up the second bullet. The technique improves accuracy and increases the odds of the target being hit, but without wasting large amounts of ammunition. Many hours of training and practice are usually required to perfect this skill, as soldiers try to reduce the time between each shot. As the killers advanced along the streets, they work in perfect unison, one giving covering fire while the other advances…before they seemingly swap roles. The technique allows them to cover ground quickly, while always being protected — as one of them is always in position to return fire if they are shot at. The images also show that the killers were dressed from head-to-toe in black to help conceal their identities. They are also wearing military-style webbing, specially designed to carry extra ammunition — while allowing for quick access to it…in the heat of battle,” Mr. Pleasance wrote.

Clearly, these ‘guys’ are not the run-of-the-mill street thugs, or would-be jihadist. They displayed skill, planning, and precision that only comes with rigorous and thorough training. V/R, RCP

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