22 April 2015

The Armenian genocide – the Guardian briefing Turkey has never accepted the term genocide,

16 April 2015

Turkey has never accepted the term genocide, even though historians have demolished its denial of responsibility for up to 1.5 million deaths 

Armenians at the Marash army barracks awaiting execution. Above: the Ottoman governor, Haydar Pasha, and soldiers, April 1915. Photograph: Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute.

What’s the story?

On 24 April, Armenians in Yerevan and around the world will mark the centenary of the genocide of 1915. That is the date when Ottoman authorities began arresting the leaders of the 2 million-strong minority Christian community. It is widely accepted that 1 million to 1.5 million Armenians died in the ensuing years until 1922, though there are no indisputable figures.

The Turkish government has never accepted the term genocide. It recognises killings that occurred in wartime but denies Armenians were systematically targeted and emphasises their links with enemy Russia as well as Armenian attacks on Muslims. Modern historical research has demolished the Turkish case, establishing intent, organisation and responsibility.

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Anonymous said...

What the Islamic Turks did to the Christians Armenians would shock most anyone, even the ISIS!
Frist the Turkish Ottoman government confiscated all firearms from the Armenians.
Pregnant were women bayoneted, breasts cut off, babies raped in front of their mothers, men watched their wives gang raped along with their children and also men would get their privates shot or cut off and many having horseshoes nailed to their feet.. and if women and girls were let to live they were sold in to harems and tattooed for identity! Many stories of roads littered with human limbs and dead bodies for miles and miles, rivers bloody red full of bodies and many Armenians were also crucified on the cross and laughed and mocked at and the Turks would say "Where is your Jesus now, why isn't he saving you" It was sad years for the Armenians, the first ever Christian nation.

If the world would of stopped this, the Holocaust would of never happened!!
Time to recognize this horrific Genocide after a 100 years of Islamic Turkish denial, blackmail and rewriting history!