16 April 2015

'Timebomb' UK economy will explode after election, says Albert Edwards

14 April 2015

Bearish City strategist says coalition has left economy ‘up to its eyeballs in macro manure’ by failing to cut deficit, and that sterling will suffer

Albert Edwards called the chancellor’s plan to boost the housing market ‘one of the most stupid economic ideas’ of the past 30 years. 

The UK economy is a ticking time bomb set to explode after the general election, according to a leading City commentator who has warned of a fresh crisis for the pound.

Albert Edwards, who heads the global strategy team at investment bank Société Générale and is well known for downbeat views, chides the coalition for a legacy of “grotesquely wide deficits” in both the public sector finances and on the UK’s current account – its overall trading position with the rest of the world.

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