14 June 2015

ISIS publishes manual on ‘How to Survive in the West’

You can download the entire manual at this link. https://db.tt/mMNQg9Hv Sorry to be late in sending this out as a friend just sent me this. I missed then when it was discussed in March, April, and May.

I have pasted the table of contents below the article. I guess ISIL is really taking on the image of a state as it is being nice enough to publish its "doctrine" just as we do. Note the discussions on propaganda and guerrilla warfare. Note also the discussion of very recent terrorist events such as in Paris and Denmark.

This really is an ISIL unconventional warfare manual (with ISIL Characteristics).

As we work to counter-Unconventional Warfare we should study this manual and we should observe for the activities described.

As you read this listen to the theme song from "Secret Agent Man" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iaR3WO71j4) in your head (unless you are younger than man and do not recall the song):

As a Secret Agent, you will have to do many things and meet many people. You do not want

anyone to know your true identity, so you have to disguise yourself in different ways so your

real self iis not exposed. Below are some ideas:

But seriously this manual is very much worthy of study.

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