17 September 2015

Imp Papers

“India and Pakistan: At Tilt with Destiny” by Dr. Radha Kumar, Director General, Delhi Policy Group, August, 2015. Radha Kumar examines the cancellation of the scheduled NSA-level talks between India and Pakistan and offers policy prescriptions for sustainable and effective bilateral dialogue on cross-border security and the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

“The Case Against Tactical Nuclear Weapons in India” by Ms. Debalina Ghoshal, Research Associate, Delhi Policy Group, August 2015. Debalina Ghoshal justifies India’s stance on not developing Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNWs) despite Pakistan developing the same. 

“Update: What is Happening in Pakistan Today?” by Mr. Rana Banerjee, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Delhi Policy Group, July 2015. Rana Banerji takes a look at recent developments in Pakistan and examines the changing civil-military relations and uncertain political party landscape in the country.

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