21 September 2015

Subramanian Swamy Warns Modi Of Impending Doom In Indian Economy


NEW DELHI -- In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy has warned that India's economy could crash somewhere between the coming November and February, 2016 if corrective measures are not taken.

"Based on my reading of the various indicators of Indian economy, I feel compelled to inform you that the economy is in its early phase of a tailspin. If curative measures are not taken then a major crash is inevitable between the coming November and February, 2016," he wrote.

In the letter dated September 15, 2015, the maverick politician also suggested two steps: abolishing the income tax for the middle class, and recovering the revenue by auctioning 2G, 3G and 4G Spectrum as well as coal blocks.

The second step, he recommended, is to "bring down the Prime Lending Rate of interest down to eight percent and finally down to five percent, while retaining the rate of interest for fixed deposits."

"I urge you to take personal interest and create a Crisis Management Team within the PMO for taking urgent steps to see that Indian economy does not spiral down to crash," he wrote.

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kushal kumar said...

Just imagining. Mr Subramaniam Swamy may also have read this Vedic astrology writer's monumental predictive article - Stressful times ahead for world economy in 2015 and 2016 - published as early as last year on 2 June 2014. This writer has identified period of stress for global economy from November 2014 to mid- 2016, which has been divided into three spells keeping in view varying stress during different spells of time. The last spell begins in November 2015 and extends to mid- 2016, which is of highest stress. Mr Swamy's estimate looks to be matching to a greater extent.Let us see how far the future unfolds but let it be known that this writer's predictions in the previous two spells have precisely come accurate. That fact also lends confidence that last spell of the prediction could likely be accurate. It may however be observed here that astrological predictions may not be construed to be synonymous with determinism. These disclose certain likely trends of happenings for taking remedial steps or strategy. So if sufficient and appropriate strategy is brought to play upon knowing the coming trend, much of the outcome predicted may get varied.