19 November 2015

Cyberoperators need to communicate

Michael Peck, Contributing 
November 16, 2015 

Cyber operators need to be able to explain what they do to their commanders, say top Army leaders.
"They need to be able to describe to the commanders what they offer," said MG Charles Flynn, commander of the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. "I cannot express to you adequately [enough], if you don't send your best people out there to talk to division, corps and theater commanders, it will set back your efforts more than you can ever imagine."

Fogarty, speaking at an Association of the United States Army conference on Nov. 10, warned that cyber personnel "must also be extremely knowledgeable in land operations as well, so that they can articulate to commanders — in language the commanders can understand — what they bring to the table," according to an Army news release.

MG Stephen Fogarty, commander of the Cyber Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon, Georgia, said that cyberwarfare is ultimately the responsibility of the commander. "From the defensive to the offensive, he is the one responsible for integrating all these capabilities, like he is for fires, combat aviation or logistics."

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