15 January 2016

ISIS guide teaches jihadis how to blend in

JANUARY 11, 2016
ISIS warning ... Islamic State has urged its fighters to follow its guidelines to avoid being captured.
SHAVE your beard, wear western-style clothes and act Christian.
These are some of Islamic State’s tips to help jihadists blend in as they plan attacks in western countries.

The 62-page Safety & Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen (Jihadis) provides an unsettling glimpse at the lengths Islamic State recruits will go to in their attempt to avoid detection by intelligence services.
The guide recommends that would-be attackers establish cells with four or five members working with only each other and having no link with any other group, to avoid a mass neutralisation.

Guide for ISIS attacks ... the front cover of the guide features the Statue of Liberty and other global landmarks in ruins. Picture: Supplied
“If you are the one who established many independent cells or independent small groups, if you get caught, you could be the reason all those groups and cells get dismantled. So your responsibility at that time would be to put yourself in security, by going to the front lines of the open battlefields in Afghanistan or Iraq, or to enlist for a martyrdom operation, so that your secret goes with you. That’s because your mere presence is a danger to all these established cells and groups,” the guide reads.

Limiting the information known by cell members is also important. The guide uses 9/11 as an example:

“ ... only 4 of the 19 knew about the nature of the operation (they were the pilots) and they only gave them the details at the very end of the preparation,” the guide read.

Would-be jihadis are urged to remain vigilant at all times by paying attention to the news and internet to know what is happening locally and abroad.

They are also instructed to analyse the actions of failed jihadis to avoid making the same mistakes, and to keep updated on interrogation techniques.

Routine is described in the guide as a jihadi’s “enemy”, warning readers to “live as the locals live” and avoid wearing the same clothes or taking the same route.

Terror architect ... Abdelhamid Abaaoud was killed in raids after planning the November 25 Paris attacks. Picture: AP/DABIQSource:AFP

“Pakistani ISI for example, in Peshawar, they used to look at suspected houses’ garbage to

see if there was Arab food in there, to know if there were Arabs in the house, and that’s how they captured some of them,” the guide reads.

“Same for the American CIA, they used to look for rare Pashtun food in garbage in Khost, and that’s why they captured them.”

The guide also advises them to avoid having a beard, using religious sentences like “salam alakum”, wearing typical outfits or visiting mosques and other Islamic organisations. They are urged to wear western-style clothes, but not to make “any too radical change that might get attention”.

“Your beard should be shaved off at least two weeks before your travel so the skin under your beard can be exposed to the sun,” the guide reads.

“If you don’t do that the fact that you removed your beard would be too easy to notice.

“If you want to use perfume during your travel, don’t use the oily, non-alcoholic perfume that

Muslims use. Use generic alcoholic perfume as everyone does, and if you are a man, use perfume for men.”

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