23 January 2016

Navy seeks sailors for NPS master's degree in cyber

Mark D. Faram, Navy Times, January 21, 2016
Now accepting enlisted applications into a year-long, all expenses paid master's degree program in California.
Yes, you read that right.
The Navy is looking for first classes and chiefs who want to net a cyber degree on the Navy’s dime and time. What you need to know:
1. Who can apply. The master's degree program is only open to active-duty information system technicians and cryptologic technician-networks on active-duty or Full Time Support. Eligible sailors must also have an accredited bachelor's degree — which isn't an issue for either rating. Over 1,200 sailors in the IT rating have a bachelor's degree in their record.
There are also a lot of CTNs who can apply, although it's harder to quantify. There’s 751 E-6 and above in the rating, but the Navy’s data only provides degree data for the combined CT service ratings. Currently, there’s over 10,300 sailors across all nine CT ratings, of which roughly 1,000 have degrees.
2. Cyber sailors. Those accepted will study full-time in a year-long master’s degree program at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. Since 2012, when the program started, an average of five sailors annually have gotten the nod to earn their Applied Cyber Operations master’s degree. To date, 15 sailors have completed the studies and been awarded the degree. Coursework includes study of cyber operations, from defending U.S. systems to exploiting vulnerabilities in adversaries, alongside mid-career officers.

The requirements to apply can be found in NAVADMIN 013/16.
3. Earning your spot. The entry requirements are tough. To apply, sailors must have a bachelor’s of science degree in a technical field that includes computer science; electrical engineering; and information or engineering technology. And you had to do well in those classes.
NPS will examine your grades in technical courses. Basically, a minimum overall undergraduate grade point average of 2.2 is required, with at least a “C” in physics and calculus courses. both a calculus for business or social science course as fellas a calculus-based physics course.
And it's not just your academic transcripts. You'll also need to submit all of your military training records, including any Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry transcripts.
4. Navy requirements. You've got to be more than a great learner to get into this elite program. You can't have any physical fitness failures in the past three years or any evaluation scores below 3.0 in the past five years. You must hold a Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information clearance. (Those without the clearance can apply, but won’t be cut school orders until the clearance if finalized.) And if you're chosen, you'll need to re-enlist for five years before you start at NPS.

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