28 April 2016

Ontological Security and India-China Relations: From Border War to "News War"

Author:Lu Yang 

This paper considers the ontologically-based security needs of states in the international system, as illustrated by the India-China border conflict. Note: Ontological security is defined here as the security identity achieved by routinized relationships with others, which states can then become attached to. Based on this definition, the text's author considers 1) to what extent the border dispute between India and China has become part of their interacting identities; and 2) whether understanding the concept of ontological security can help unpack India-China relations and even end their long-standing border conflict? The author further argues that there is a victim-perpetrator/loser-winner relationship between the two countries which has its roots in the 1962 war they fought with each other and that has been routinized in the years since then. 

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