22 August 2016

The Human Side of Cyber Conflict Organizing, Training, and Equipping the Air Force Cyber Workforce Panayotis A. Yannakogeorgos and John P. Geis II

016 , 260 pages
ISBN: 978-1-58566-259-3
Cost: $23, AU Press Code: B-143 

In response to a tasking from the Air Force chief of staff, the Air Force Research Institute conducted a review of how the service organizes, educates/trains, and equips its cyber workforce. The resulting findings were used to develop recommendations for how the Air Force should recruit, educate, train, and develop cyber operators from the time they are potential accessions until they become senior leaders in the enlisted and officer corps. This study’s discoveries, analyses, and recommendations are aimed at guiding staff officers and senior leaders alike as they consider how to develop a future cyber workforce that supports both Ar Force and US Cyber Command missions across the range of military operations.

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