25 October 2016

Army releases updated training field manual

October 19, 2016

The Army’s new version of its training manual blends tried-and-true concepts with online resources to improve the service’s readiness, according to an Army press release

Field Manual 7-0, “Train to Win in a Complex World,” discusses training strategies and initiatives for training readiness. The manual can be read online or downloaded and includes sections on how to plan training events, conduct training meetings and write after-action reports. 

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said the new manual will help achieve readiness, which is his No. 1 priority, according to the release.

"Training is the key task to improve our readiness," he said. "Realistic, hard, rigorous, repetitive training increases combat performance and reduces friendly casualties. Read, understand and use [the manual]."

The digital manual also provides links to online resources through the Army Training Network, including videos and task lists. 

The new version of the manual reflects the Army’s pivot from preparing units for specific missions to training to set standards, according to the release.

"The field manual is the primary source for leaders - noncommissioned officers to division commanders - to find the information they need on how to conduct successful training," said Col. Steve York, director of the Training Management Directorate, which wrote the new manual. "It gives soldiers the ability to pick up a single-source document that tells them how to plan, prepare, execute and assess training events."

In the new FM, the old proficiency ratings have also been replaced. Instead of T (trained), P (needs practice) and U (untrained), the ratings are T (fully trained), T- (trained), P (practiced), P- (marginally practiced) and U (untrained). 

Two core elements that remain are battle-focused and hip-pocket training. Battle-focused training acknowledges limited time and resources and helps soldiers focus on the most effective and efficient ways to train. The manual includes online resources for leaders to conduct battle-focused training. 

Hip-pocket training allows training on individual tasks that can be completed in 15 to 30 minutes, and the manual provides examples, according to the release. 

Soldiers can access the manual through the Army Publishing Directorate under the Field Manual section or on the Army Training Network under the What's Hot section.

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