13 November 2016

Air Force Seeks New Analytical Approaches to Boost Decision-Making Capacity

Posted By: Scott Nicholas
November 08, 2016

The U.S. Air Force looks to develop new approaches to information fusion and analysis as well as new techniques to provide intelligence to decisionmakers using service-oriented architecture, open standards and analytical algorithms

A broad agency announcement published Wednesday on FedBizOpps calls for analytic services that can help the military branch understand data sources such as multi-intelligence and source fusion.

The service branch also seeks an enterprise platform that can cater to analytics, customizable workspaces and visualizations as well as a data framework to connect data sources, security and authorization components and develop evaluation metrics and scenarios.

The Air Force said the mission will work to address C4ISR mission domains for air, space and cyber through various applications such as custom software infrastructure, mission data file development, user-defined common operating picture and open source intelligence.

Other requirements of the mission include entity extraction, mission planning, machine-to-machine integration of mission planning and collection management systems, gain/loss analysis and systems engineering, integration, training and testing.

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