11 December 2016

Air University

· Air & Space Power Journal, Winter 2016, v. 30, no. 4 

o The Fifth-Generation Fighter Pilot Force 

o Mission Assurance through Integrated Cyber Defense 

o Operational Assessment: So How Are We Doing?

o Nuclear Deterrence as a Stabilizing Force: Modernizing American B61s in Europe

o Suborbital Strike! The Use of Commercial Suborbital Spacecraft for Strike Missions

o Selecting Qualified Airmen for the Cyber Mission Force: The Pitfalls of Hiring Operational

o The Trilateral Strategic Initiative: A Primer for Developing Future Airpower Cooperation

o C4ISR via Dark Webs: An Alternative Concept for Protecting Critical Information in Contested Cyberspace Environments

o Forging Tomorrow's Air, Space, and Cyber War Fighters: Recommendations for Integration and Development

o The Changing Face of the War Fighter

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