7 January 2017

Military Review

Military Review, January-February 2017, v. 97, no. 1 

o Against Bureaucracy

o Reducing the Size of Headquarters, Department of the Army: An After-Action Report

o Producing Strategic Value through Deliberate War Planning

o The Need for a Brigade Politics-and0Policy Staff Officer

o Expeditionary Land Power

o Cutting Our Feet to Fit the Shoes: An Analysis of Mission Command in the U.S. Army

o Complex Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield in Ukrainian Antiterrorism Operations

o Operational Surveillance and Reconnaissance Battalion

o From Riley to Baku: How an Opportunistic Unit Broke the Crucible

o Building Digital Lethality

o Sleep Banking: Improving Fighter Management

o Leadership Innovation in the Reserve Officer Training Corps and the Future of the Force

o Crating a Resource: Helping U.S. Army Central Establish a Historical Document Collection Program

o Writing: A Way to Maximize Returns on the Army's Investments in Education

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