2 February 2017

Joint Force Quarterly (JFQ) 84 (1st Quarter, 2017

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o From the Chairman: The Pace of Change

o An Interview with Robert O. Work

o Trust: The Sine Qua Non of Effective Joint Operations

o Searching for Digital Hilltops: A Doctrinal Approach to Identifying Key Terrain in Cyberspace

o Expanding Zeus's Shield: A New Approach for Theater Ballistic Missile Defense in the Asia-Pacific Region

o The Viability of Moral Dissent by the Military (or, Chapter 6 of the U.S. Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Conclusions Regarding the Second Internment of American Citizens)

o Civil Order and Governance as Military Responsibilities

o The Palestinian Security Force: Future Prospects

o The National War College: Celebrating 70 Years of Developing Strategic Practicioners

o The National War College: Marking 70 Years of Strategic Education

o Meaningful Metrics for Professional Military Education

o The Urgent Necessity to Reverse Service AirLand Roles

o Center of Gravity Analysis "Down Under": The Australian Defence Force's New Approach

o Hybrid Threat Center of Gravity Analysis: Taking a Fresh Look at ISIL

o Toward a Future National Strategy: A Review Essay

o Breaking Through with Your Breakthrough: How Science-Based Communication Can Promote Trust to Accelerate Innovation and Technological Advantage

o The Imperative for a Health Systems Approach to Global Health Engagement

o The Case for a Joint Evaluation

o Leadership and Operational Art in World War II: The Case for General Lesley J. McNair

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