3 February 2017

Perspectives on Terrorism, Volume 10, Issue 6 (2016)

This issue of Perspectives on Terrorism includes 14 articles, a bibliography on Islamic terrorism in Europe, and a review essay on 12 texts that deal with al-Qaida and ISIS-related subjects. The articles, which largely focus on various manifestations of European jihadism, focus on 1) the future of jihadism in Europe; 2) European extremists and the new crime-terror nexus; 3) the tactical use of single-actor terrorists by the so-called Islamic State; 4) the role of governance networks in blunting violent extremism, and much more.


Petter Nesser, Anne Stenersen, Emilie Oftedal, Rajan Basra, Peter R Neumann, Clare Ellis, Nico Prucha, Jakob Sheikh, Philip Verwimp, Jeanine de Roy van Zuijdewijn, Jeane-Pierre Filiu, Ann-Sophie Hemmingsen, Carola Garcia-Calvo, Fernando Reinares, Brynjar Lia, Petter Nesser, Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen, Timothy Holman, Thomas Hegghammer, Judith Tinnes, Joshua Sinai (Ediotrs: Alex P Schmid, James J F Forest, Joseph J Easson) 


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