28 April 2017

ICIT Analysis : The Cyber Shield Act

Industry experts and federal agencies such as NSA, NASA and NIST have repeatedly pushed for the implementation and standardization of the bare essentials of Information Security, such as security-by-design, cyber-hygiene training, and layered defenses, to be recognized as crucial topics on the Hill. The Cyber Shield Act is an excellent idea for improving informed consumer decision making concerning electronic devices and introduces meaningful dialog between industry and Congress in a manner that shifts the conversation away from counterproductive, bureaucratic partisanship. If developed and implemented meaningfully, The Cyber Shield Act would not only empower consumers, but would facilitate a much-needed cultural shift in secure device manufacturing and upkeep.

In this this analysis, entitled “The Cyber Shield Act: Is the Legislative Community Finally Listening to Cybersecurity Experts?” The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology discusses how The Cyber Shield Act has the potential to transform critical infrastructure cyber resiliency. Included in this analysis are specific recommendations and considerations including a discussion on meaningful criteria for security ratings and the importance of requiring security-by-design throughout the development lifecycle of devices.

The Cyber Shield Act, security-by-design and other concepts explored in this paper will be discussed at The Annual ICIT Forum, June 7, 2017 in Washington D.C. Click here for details and to register for this important event.

This paper was authored by James Scott, Sr. Fellow, ICIT.

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