4 November 2017

What the New York Attack Says About ISIS Now

By Robin Wright

Shortly after the terrorist attack in New York on Tuesday, a new account, @cnnbrea, which described itself as “CNN Breaking News,” appeared on Twitter. Its crude, explicit and ungrammatical tweets vowed more isis attacks on the United States. One warned: “O, Nation of Cross in America We will continue to terrorize you and ruin your lives.” It attached a photo of American police overlaid with a headline: “run The Islamic State is Coming.” An imprint of the signature black-and-white isis flag was on top. The Middle East Media Research Institute, or memri, identified the account for me as one of many—new and old—that lit up social media to celebrate the attack by Sayfullo Saipovon a bike path blocks away from the site of the September 11, 2001, attacks. The Twitter account was still up almost two days later.

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