28 July 2018

2018 Stats on Internet, Social Media, and Mobile Trends

With Facebook privacy scandals, Twitter hashtag revolutions, and new unprecedented cyber regulations, 2018 is already shaping up to be an explosive year for the digital world.

But even with all the drama, people aren’t giving up on the internet, and more and more of us are spending our days online, connecting to each other and the world at large.

Read on to learn about our similarities and our differences, and see how we engage with the ever expanding, ever more dynamic world wide web.

Trends in Internet Use

Highest and Lowest Internet Penetration by Country

It should come as no surprise that the country with the fewest people online is North Korea. With all websites under government control, the isolated nation has the most internet censorship in the world.

Like the other countries with the fewest people with web access, North Korea also has one of the world’s lowest GDPs per capita. GDP actually seems to be the biggest indicator of internet penetration, given that the countries where internet use is most pervasive are some of the wealthiest in the world.

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