26 August 2018

Russia´s Return to the Middle East: Building Sandcastles?

The eleven essays in this publication explore how Russia has expanded its footprint in the Middle East and North Africa over the last decade, what is driving Moscow’s return to the region, the sustainability of this engagement and more. To do so, the essays focus on 1) Russia’s approaches to the Middle East in the military, arms sales, energy and economic spheres; 2) Russia’s relations with Syria, Israel, Turkey, Iran, North Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC); and 3) Moscow’s military campaign against the so-called Islamic State.


Florence Gaub, Nicu Popescu, Dmitri Trenin, Carole Nakhle, Timofey Borisov, Anton Lavrov, Julien Barnes-Dacey, Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck, Vasily Kuznetsov, Dimitar Bechev, Mark N Katz, (Editors: Nicu Popesu, Stanislav Secrieru) 

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