23 August 2018

The Freeman Chair China Report, August 2018

Dear Friends:

We hope you are enjoying your summer. We are happy to share with you the latest edition of the Freeman Chair's newsletter. The Freeman Chair China Report provides updates on our recent activities, research, publications, and media engagement. Among the news: In August, Deputy Director Scott Kennedy wrote a piece in the journal Foreign Affairshighlighting strategies other than tariffs to protect America’s technology industry from China. In June, Dr. Kennedy contributed to an article on investment restrictions on China, and in May he wrote an essay on U.S.-China trade divides. In May, the Freeman Chair hosted Forty Years of U.S.-China Relations, an event featuring discussions with former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen and Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai. The Freeman Chair also hosted a series of events on President Xi Jinping’s “Three Battles,” focusing on credit risk and China’s anti-poverty campaign. This season’s newsletter highlights a report written by Freeman Chair Christopher K. Johnson on U.S.-China trade relations and the importance for the U.S. to operationalize red lines in the current trade dispute.

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