16 January 2019

U.S. Withdrawal From Syria So Far Is Only Equipment, American Official Says

 by Philip Issa and Zeina Karam 

A U.S. defense official says no American troops have withdrawn yet from Syria, but some military cargo has been pulled out.

The official said the movement of equipment is part of what the military calls the start of a deliberate withdrawal from Syria, where about 2,000 troops have been working with a coalition of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters to defeat the remnants of the Islamic State group.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss details that have not yet been publicly announced.

The official provided no numbers, but said the equipment withdrawal is under way and that an unspecified number of additional U.S. troops have been brought into Syria to assist with the withdrawal process. These include troops to provide additional security.

This is a clarification after news reports early Friday that the U.S. has begun a “deliberate withdrawal” from Syria…

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