6 March 2019


John P. Thomas

The new fifth generation (5G) cellular system that is being installed in major American cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, Waco, Texas, and Sacramento [1, 3] will intensify the microwave radiation health risks for everyone living in those cities. 

Eleven More Cities Targeted for 5G Deployment this Year

The new 5G cell systems that Verizon and AT&T are planning to install in other cities in 2018 [1, 3] will use shorter length microwaves than the existing 4G (fourth generation) systems. New generation cell phones will be able to communicate with either 5G or 4G microwave towers to optimize connectivity.

Copper phone lines will be replaced with 5G rooftop antennas on homes and businesses. These antennas will communicate with 5G cell towers and with the wireless equipment in homes and offices to provide phone and broadband services.

5G will be the foundation for the “smart cities” of the future. [15]

The Safety of 5G Has Not Been Tested

The microwave frequencies that are being used in this new generation 5G system are in the 1-millimeter wave length.

The long-term health risks of these short microwaves have not been adequately tested and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and telecom companies are simply presuming that they are safe based on 1996 research. [2, 16]
New Research Reveals Harmful Effects of Cellular Systems

Research on microwave frequency radiation conducted since 1996 shows that the existing 3G and 4G cellular systems are causing serious harm to human health.

The 5G systems will increase the level of harm to the level where illness and death can no longer be denied. [16]
Harmful Effects are Cumulative

We now know that the development of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and numerous other diseases and disabling symptoms are linked to the cumulative effects of microwave radiation.

Cellular systems are pushing microwave radiation into our bodies and brains 24 hours a day regardless of whether we use a cell phone or even own one. [4, 5, 16]

A Million or More New 5G Towers will be Erected in American Cities

The 5G towers will be spaced approximately 500 feet apart and will be highly visible eyesores.

The “small cell” transmitters will be mounted on top of electric utility poles, municipal buildings, schools, and in city parks, on top of street signs, bus shelters, and anywhere else telecom companies wish.

In low lying areas they might need to erect new towers that are taller than electric utility poles to accomplish their objectives. Refrigerator size electrical boxes will be attached to each transmission tower. [2, 9]

If you happen to be in an area with underground electric service, then they will erect new towers that use the underground electrical lines.

If you live or work in a densely populated area where electrical poles are very close to buildings, then you might have a 5G cell tower located a few feet from your place of employment or your bedroom. [2, 9]

It is estimated that the daily microwave exposure generated by the 5G system will be equivalent to living inside a microwave oven and turning it up to high and baking yourself for 19 minutes a day. [2]
Telecom Companies Hold the Upper Hand on 5G Tower Placement

FCC regulations [11] make it illegal for government entities to try to delay or stop cell tower installation on the basis of health risks.

Telecom companies can sue cities and states that attempt to use health concerns to impede their cell tower building plans. [2]
How Harmful is 5G? Can We Stop It?

The remainder of this article provides detailed information about the health risks of 5G and explains why the public and government entities cannot stop the rapid build-out of the 5G system despite the massive health risks.

It will link you to efforts in your state where telecom companies are seeking to enact legislation that will strip away all rights to object to cell tower placement on any basis.

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