26 April 2019

In The Wake Of The Terrorist Bombing In Sri Lanka; Saudi Arabia Foils ISIS Terror Attack, Kills 4 Terrorists, Arrest 13, Seize Suicide [Homicide] Vests, Bomb-Making ‘Factory’ — And What The West Must Do To ‘Kill’ Jihadist Philosophy

Various media outlets are reporting this evening that Saudi security authorities have foiled a planned terrorist attack by former ISIS members and/or sympathizers. The Saudi Arabian Press Agency this afternoon, stated that “13 people were arrested as a result of [authorities] finding plans to execute criminal acts [terrorism] targeting the Kingdom’s security. Four of the 13 al-Zulfi attackers are ISIS members,” the press agency added. Saudi investigators “revealed a place [safe house] rented by one of the attackers in the al-Rayan neighborhood of the al-Zulfi Province, where the attack was conceived and planned. Inside the location [safe house], investigators found “what looks to be a factory for explosives, and explosive belts. Five explosive belts were found, as well as 64 locally manufactured hand grenades, two Kalashnikov’s [Russian made, gas-operated, assault rifle], four bags of organic fertilizers, a [mobile] telecommunications device, and two laptops.”

Bhvishya Patel, posted an article on this afternoon’s/April 22, 2019 edition of the DailyMail.com, noting that “these arrests come after the Islamic State claimed responsibility for an attempted attack on a Saudi state security building in Zulfi last Sunday, a small city about 155 miles northwest of the capital of Riyadh.

Killing a person is ‘easy.’ Killing A Philosophy Is Much Harder — But, The West Did It Once Before At The End Of WWII

We Need ‘A Judgement At Raqqa

I have been writing and arguing the past four years that the civilized world needs to conduct a modern-day version of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials which the U.S. oversaw in holding accountable the Nazi high command who were in charge of Hitler’s Final Solution, and the extermination of the Jewish population in Nazi-held Europe. The Nuremberg War Crimes trials were conducted in Nuremberg, Germany, the city that was ground zero for Hitler’s ‘caliphate.’ Those trials that were conducted nearly seventy-one years ago, were instrumental in demonstrating to the world that sometimes that the evil that men do, requires demonstrable, and public denunciation. These trials, which were conducted to ensure the widest possible, worldwide audience, had a palpable effect in undermining those who still ascribed, or might later ascribe to the Nazi philosophy. And, for the most past, this strategy worked.

I have been arguing for at least the past four years, that a modern-day version of the Nazi war crimes trials need to be conducted now, “A Judgment At Raqqa,” if you will, as the instrument to undermine the militant jihadist appeal, especially in social media and other forums. ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his key lieutenants, and those involved in these hideous experiments, and the other notable atrocities, should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity, in absentia if necessary, and on the deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier if necessary. 

These trials would be the first, and hopefully the last, that would be known as the “Social Media War Crimes Trials,” to ensure the widest possible dissemination, and real-time access. Obviously, it would be great it Saudi Arabia led such an effort. But, it must be done, if we are to rid the world of this noxious philosophy. 

Much as Nuremberg did, these trials would serve several purposes: (1) The world, as it did in 1945, would publicly denounce evil and those who would oversee and carry it out; (2) The world would hold those evildoers accountable for their actions; (3) There would be no sanctuary for these ‘men’ to hide, nor a statute of limitations for their crimes; and (4) the trial would serve as a warning and a deterrent — to those who might consider attempting to resurrect its banal philosophy.

Nuremberg worked in 1945; and, was pivotal in undermining any vestige of social appeal that Nazism might hold. While there were some who attempted to resurrect its tenets from time to time, Nuremberg served as a anchor in keeping Nazism from ever rising to prominence again.

The world has an obligation to once again, hold evil accountable. We need A Judgement At Raqqa, to educate and influence an entire post World War II generation — that there is a point at which evil must be publicly confronted, publicly denounced, and publicly held accountable. This is what is needed, in order to successfully undermine the jihadist message and appeal. I can think of no better use of social media in the 21st century. 

No shortcuts. If we, the West aren’t willing to put the philosophy on trial, like we did Nazism 74 years ago, then — I see little chance of eradicating this scourge anytime soon. V/R, RCP

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