18 June 2019

5G Availability Will Enhance Cyber Security, Says Verizon’s Chris Novak


As per the latest reports 5G could provide excellent cyber security to individual internet surfers and commercial organizations. During one of his recent interviews, Chris Novak said that the 5G technology will make things easy and better for the masses. Novak further said that extensive level of research has taken place which provides enough proof that 5G provides speed and reliability which is the need of the hour.

Chris Novak gave his statement when companies which are willing to provide 5G services are thoroughly scrutinized. At present, even the Chinese mobile giant Huawei has been accused by the American government. President Trump had accused Huawei that the Company is working for Chinese government.

Due to stringent actions taken by the US government most of the tech companies have provided a limitation on their employees to access Huawei phones. Back on May 16, 2019, the American Department of Commerce had blacklisted Huawei. Now Huawei has to consult the US government if it wants to do business with indigenous companies.

On June 10, 2019, President Donald Trump said that there might be a possibility that Trade War can be negotiated over Huawei. Contrary to this, Steven Mnuchin said that since Huawei is concerned with national security issue thus it has to be taken out of the trade negotiation.

During one of the exclusive interviews, Novak stated that Huawei has been banned not only by the fear of espionage but also due to financial breaches. Novak further stated that during the last ten years US has faced half a million incidents related to security issue. Chris Novak further said that though espionage is considered as a topic of discussion but there are various other things which are happening. Novak indicated data breach and cyber security as few other aspects which can harm the economy.

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