12 July 2019

Military Review

o Reinvigorating the Army’s Approach to Command and Control: Leading by Mission Command (Part II)

o Risky Business: Commercial Support for Large-Scale Ground Combat Operations

o Putting the Fight Back in the Staff

o Multi-Domain Information Operations and the Brigade Combat Team: Lessons from Cyber Blitz 2018

o Return of Ground-Based Electronic Warfare Platforms and Force Structure

o Of Strong Men and Straw Men: Appraising Post-Coup Political Developments

o The Cost of Tolerating Toxic Behaviors in the Department of Defense Workplace

o A Constructive Leader Training Program Designed to Rapidly Increase Unit Training Readiness

o Practical Advice to Thinking above the Tactical Level: The Six-Step Process

o How the Russian Media Portrays the U.S. Military

o Incompatibility and Divorce of Institutions: Civil-Military Conflict in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps’ Departure from Yale during the Vietnam War

o Seeking the Elephant: Improving Leader Visualization Skills through Simple War Games

o The Maneuver Enhancement Brigade is the Support Area Command Post

o Information War 2022: Musings of a Senior Officer on Russian Information Warfare and Recent Events

o Lasers, Death Rays, and the Long, Strange Quest for the Ultimate Weapon

o Vets in Action

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